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265: Krzyzewski's Monster

ENTRY 265: Krzyzewski’s Monster

“I am as I have been made. But I can improve, and I will.”
- Krzyzewski’s Monster, I Am Monster: My Story

The professors on Titan laughed at Miriam Krzyzweski’s proposal for her graduate thesis. Different egos could never be merged, much less fractional scraps of memories. Even if the process worked, the resulting ego would be hopelessly insane by any transhuman standard, and likely to self-destruct in short order. But she showed them. She showed them all. Hacking into the university archives where inert forks of the tenured professors were kept for emergencies, she brought together the finest minds of a generation—and with a genetic algorithm and over a thousand failed attempts, she finally succeeding in producing a stable ego merged from the composite memories of eight different egos. At the press release, the Mesh immediately dubbed the new ego Krzyzewski’s Monster.

Miriam Krzyzweski didn’t survive the initial spate of media attention; thousands of users responded negatively toward her actions with poor reviews, negative comments, and open insults, including a brief but embarrassing series of hardcore sexual material edited to include her name, image, and tactile scans. Unable to cease engaging with her cyberbullies, MK committed suicide, and her last fork—created well before the Monster was created—changed its name and went into seclusion. The process was lost, and Krzyzweski’s Monster was left all alone.

Unlike their creator, KM has adapted well to the media attention, leveraging even negative publicity to increase their media impact and expand their brand. While many hypercorps would like nothing better than to capture KM and dissect their ego to figure out how Krzyzweski was able to successfully merge disparate egos, the Monster’s relatively high media profile precludes many direct efforts to infringe on KM’s existence. For herself, the Monster seems to be dedicated to redefining and improving their self; aware of their flaws and desiring to correct them by adding new life experiences.


Morph: Infomorph
Skills: Academics: History (Pornography) 48, Academics: Neuroprogramming 35, Art: Electronic Media 55, Deception 35, Impersonation 45, Infiltration 50, Infosec 36, Interests: Therapy 44, Interests: Porn 45, Interfacing 67, Intimidation (Sex) 34, Kinesics 40, Language: Native Czech 85, Language: English 75, Networking: Autonomists 50, Networking: Adult Entertainment Industry 55, Perception 50, Profession: Media Producer 45, Programming 40, Research 33, Seduction 55
Advantages: Allies (Fanbase)
Disadvantages: Edited Memories, Mental Disorder (Hypersexuality), Neural Damage (Synaesthesia, Verbal Tics), Social Stigma (AGI)

Using Krzyzewski’s Monster

Aside from novelty, the Monster is a legitimate excuse to present an NPC that is not altogether in their right mind—a conglomeration of different memories and drives that result in a very weird character that can slip into different accents in the same sentence and lives with cognitive dissonance as part of their daily existence. None of that has stopped Krzyzweski’s Monster from trying to make something of themselves, subliminating their screwed-up drives and weird perspective into arthouse erotica and outrageous, sometimes frighteningly incoherent rants that somehow resolve because of their own weird internal logic. As a contact, KM is a good “in” for adventures that feature research into novel psychosurgery techniques and ego technology, or that involve the arts or adult entertainment industry. As an antagonist, KM could be genuinely crazy enough to want to build a “perfect mate”—which means that the PCs might be hired to help or stop the Monster from rediscovering Krzyzweski’s original ego-merging technology, which probably means finding Krzyzweski’s last fork.

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