"I am digging this blog. Basically a daily dose of EP content. About every 5 or 6th thing I like quite a bit."

14.JUL.2013 (Podcast)
"Very interesting, very well written."

"A delightful blog full of random ideas which I may or may not steal."

"Warning, contains some extremely imaginative concepts."

"Coś bardziej przydatnego dla fanów cyberpunka, transhumanu czy Eclipse Phase w szczególności, na blogu Farcast niejaki Bobby Dee podjął się ambitnego zadania - przez rok codziennie będzie publikował notki z tzw. "mięchem" do systemu, dziś 79 dzień roku, zatem pojawiła się 79 notka. Trzymam kciuki za silną wolę doprowadzenia projektu do końca."

"Leider weckten die Ankündigungen im Vorfeld zu große Erwartungen, die nicht erfüllt wurden. Der hölzerne Hintergrund und das schwerfällige prozentbasierte Spielsystem machen dieses Rollenspiel für mich nahezu unbrauchbar. Farcast hält nichtsdestotrotz einige vielversprechende Spielansätze vor."

"Inspired by the Farcast blog, writing up random short Eclipse Phase
blurbs [...] much same as that blog but with less bestiality and other weirdness."

Drunken Review: Farcast

"I ran an enemy from the Farcast blog; a Seedless with pretty amazing psychic capabilities. One of the character's muses succumbed to a basilisk hack from the plant. The reveal was something like this -

 : Sir, perhaps you should move away from the gigantic flesh-plant.
:: That's a pretty good idea, Larry [Player begins moving away from the tree-entity]
 : Actually, sir, I really think it doesn't matter. You know he is coming, right?
:: Wait what? Who?

Sadly "Zalgo" never really appeared (I should have written him in there somewhere) but the Seedless actually took a dump on the players, so it was probably for the best. Fortunately there are more games to come."

"Oh! And I wanted to mention something I discovered while offline: one of the posters over at the Eclipse Phase site has started a yearblog for 2013. Basically, he's writing a post every day (usually about 500 words) for the whole year. I was interested at first and thought I'd puruse it every so often for inspiration, and then I actually read the thing.

Oh man.

It is fantastic and I decided to just flatly approve everything on there. As far as I'm concerned, my materials and the stuff I post are the highest order of canon (just for my own consistency) and then the official releases and this yearblog are tied after that. If you read something on Farcast, you can assume it exists in this game without even asking. If you just want some entertaining fiction to read through over breakfast, I also recommend it."

"It's a really great way to start or end a day! :)" | "Hey, that blog is awesome! Consider it subbed!"

"Un blog très fourni,"

"Whoa. This. --jg"


  1. Congrats. Well worth publishing via drive thru or sth, u deserve credits & credits.

    1. I'll be putting together a PDF for free download when the year finishes. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

  2. Hi,

    i have no idea of your background but maybe you can do a little bit more then "just" putting it together into a PDF download.
    Maybe you can kickstart and try to get some money for artist to create illustrations and layout. Alone all of your NPC's + Illustrations would create a mind blowing PDF fore game masters.

    I would totally back such a project and love your blog :)

    1. The problem is that this is a fanproject; I don't own the Eclipse Phase game and can't take any cash for my work, and while I haven't asked any of the folks at Posthuman about it, I'm sure they're more dedicated to paying projects (besides which, I'm 95% sure that Adam and Rob only ever remember this exists when I remind them). While I'd like to do a nicer job on laying out the pdf, my current computer situation makes that impossible; and the art...well, my particular skills don't lie in that direction ( ).

      So while it would be nice to do a slicker PDF with lovely backgrounds and layout and art, it would have to be a pretty much fan-driven effort. Writing is my schtick, art and layout not so much. I'm glad you like it, but the ultimate PDF is probably going to be a fairly minimalist affair.

    2. Thats a pity your writing is very inspirational and i can imagine that a lot of artist would create great art to your writing. But maybe there are some out there who would like to create something with in the frame work of a fan project. Unfortunately i don't know the English speaking RPG community and have no idea where to promote such a fan project.

      Asking Posthuman or the community can not hurt :)