Wednesday, January 1, 2014


One year and one day later and my work is done, though it feels like I could go forever. To the readers of Farcast, whether you stayed current every day or are just finding this now, this project has been for you. Ideas are free, and so Farcast is free - only the expression takes a little effort, and that work is my gift to you.

I wish there was some great and original lesson to lend meaning to this work, but I'll settle for a simple, well-known truth: there is nothing here you could not do yourself. There is no game, no setting, no universe that cannot be made richer by your thought and effort and consideration. Read a little, think a little, dream a little. Don't be afraid to go beyond what is in the books, or write what they might never print. Eclipse Phase begins with the published material, but it lives in your heads, in your writing, and in your games.

To the fine folks at Posthuman Studios and the freelance writers and artists that created the Eclipse Phase RPG: thanks for letting me splash in your pool for a bit.

Thanks for reading, and happy trails.

- Bobby Derie