Tuesday, July 23, 2013

204: Lunar Pimps & Hos Ball

ENTRY 204: Lunar Pimps & Hos Ball

Obscene implants wobbling in microgravity. Representatives from every part of the spectrum of sexual fetish, from the steaming genitals of the transhuman pets straining at their leashes to the streamlined and baroque New Sexes strutting their stuff, custom sex organs on careful display. Guests are allowed on the convention floor, but by tradition the Ball itself is reserved for registered Pimps and their Hos, resplendent in their finest. At the midnight hour the Queens will be crowned, the Grand Pimp named, and then the formal procession will begin, each pimp showing their strut in a loud, lazy parade. A celebration of transhuman sexuality, in every form and flavor.

The Lunar Pimps & Hos Ball is a tradition stretching back to before the Fall, and some say before the legalization of sex workers in most of the Lunar habitats. Originally an informal gathering for socialization and networking, in these later days the Ball has turned into a system-wide trade and career fair, where young hopefuls come to learn about and apply for positions, and hypercorps and groups of all types come together to educate, entertain, and advertise their latest research, products, and philosophies. On the convention floor, amateurs of every size and shape are engaged with interactive sex ed displays, torrents of pornography, meet their favorite himbos and bimbos, listen to talks from industry veterans, and buy or sell nearly anything. The trade floor is more corporate, but with a three drink/narcoalgorithm minimum, and often hosts academic lectures on economic prospects, fetishization tracking algorithms, and other metrics; new products and production techniques are laid out and big deals made on human furniture. The Adult Media Awards are often held the night before the Ball, and it is traditional that the facilities close with the Last Dance in honor of those pimps and hos of old who have passed on.

The Ball itself has a more select audience—invitation only, limited to 200 pimps and their selection of their two best hos. Despite the name, not every invitee is a sex work administrator, but all of them get into the style and mood of the party, and the extravagant escapades make for some of the highest viewer ratings of anything on the ‘Mesh.

Using the Lunar Pimps & Hos Ball

Sex in RPGs tends to be ignored unless it causes Drama. Rape, incest, bestiality, alien abductions and impregnations, etc. are fine to read about if that’s your particular kink, but at the table reading that stuff out loud tends to just make people squirm—and not in the good way. The Lunar Pimps & Hos Ball is primarily about allowing the gamemaster a venue to use sex creatively and positively in their Eclipse Phase game; the kind of openness and weirdness about sex you read about in old New Wave science fiction. From a gaming standpoint, the Lunar Pimps & Hos Ball also presents a collusion of social and hypercorp interests that you rarely get together, so there is plenty of room for corporate espionage, hurt feelings, stolen prototypes, and blackmail. Fun for the whole family!

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