Wednesday, July 3, 2013

184: AllLove, Inc.

ENTRY 184: AllLove, Inc.

In the Venus aerostats, a new anarcho-corporate structure thrives, and no one misses the corporate retreats. AllLove Inc. began as a socio-economic experiment by anthropologist Sanaa Trogsdottir, designed to test the hypothesis that a corporate culture could be sustained through the tight-knit relationships of a sexual community-economy. Basing her work on extensive research on sexual dynamics within hypercorporate hierarchies, Sanaa recruited open-minded individuals who were willing to abide by the guidelines on sexual health and openness required by the corporation—while no member of AllLove Inc. is required to have any sexual contact they do not desire with any other, an individual’s position within the AllLove hierarchy is determined by the social-sexual bonds they have forged with their coworkers, as tracked by the internal LovePlugIn network. Officers in the hypercorp, and are elected based on both ability and connections with their co-workers, some having extensive harems while others have numerous intimate relations. Aside from tracking the number, type, frequency, members, and duration of sexual encounters, LovePlugIn identifies social blocs that form within the corp, and schedules group exercises to include isolated individuals or to break up factions that grow powerful or abusive. Unrequested sexual violence is not permitted and grounds for immediate expulsion from the group, as well as various punitive measures specified in contracts.

As for business, AllLove, Inc. provides a number of specialized relationship services catering specifically to transhumanity, from fertility assistance and birth control to romantic gifts, toys, and pornographic designed for specific morphs, factions, and demographics. They are also one of the leaders in sex education in the solar system, and dedicated to promoting positive, consensual attitudes towards sex, and are currently engaged in a mission to eradicate the sexually transmitted disease syphilis by the year AF 25. Conversely, they are also known as one of the major opponents of the Carnival of the Goat, whose approach to sexuality they claim specifically invokes danger and the negative image and understanding of sex as taboo, which historically has led to the suppression and loss of sexual knowledge and the spread of disease and sexual repression.

Using AllLove, Inc.

Not a hypercorp for all groups, AllLove, Inc. is an alternative to the Carnival of the Goat for discussing any and all aspects of sex in Eclipse Phase. If nothing else, it can provide the gamemaster with a handy background element to hang a plot element on—a pack of AllLove self-heating condoms, sized for an Olympian; the source of certain specialized implants like the automorphic UltraOrifice; a clinic where a young splicer can go for an abortion/surrogacy donation; etc. Likewise, AllLove, Inc. might form the employer/background of one or more PCs or NPCs, providing a relationship complication that prompts discussion among players about the AllLove, Inc. lifestyles—while dating members outside the employee pool is permitted, most such relationships are casual, with deeper relationships leading many outsiders to feel like they are dating the corporation more than the individual (and indeed, outside sexual contact is a prime recruitment tool for new employees). Keep in mind that AllLove, Inc. and its subject matter may not be appropriate for all groups; you don’t want to be the player or gamemaster reading their Eclipse Phase erotic fan fiction at the game table while the others squirm uncomfortably waiting for you to finish.

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