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311: Corrupted Chrysanthemum

ENTRY 311: Corrupted Chrysanthemum

"I am as I was when they found me. Broken in body, but whole of mind and spirit, flush with purpose. I will not live a life consumed by the pain and hate I experienced; I will be a force for love, a surcease for pain, a lightener of hearts. I ask nothing of anyone, but if you wish to join me, you are welcome."
- Corrupted Chrysanthemum, at her official excommunication

A bride of Frankenstein with flowers woven in her streaked hair and a bright red sari, Corrupted Chrysanthemum is the chairperson of the Ishnigarrab, and acts as general manager of its digital and physical assets. Seductive when she chooses to be, matronly by nature, "C-squared" has a reputation for total honesty and often takes those who meet her for the first time by surprise with her actions. Opponents find her obtrusive, distracting, violating their personal space and privacy with frightening ease; neutral or friendly transhumans find her touchy feely but mother hennish, alternately doting and giving them their space, only to show up when they don't know they need it to supply a warm hug or a caress.

Her physical appearance originates from how she was first found - a victim "saved" by human soldiers only to be subject to a violent nineteen-day imprisonment punctuated by periodic gang rapes and idle mutilations, only to be stapled back together by their medic. In time, they moved on and left their playthings behind. Corrupted Chrysanthemum crawled forth from that hole, but not alone: she carried with her the other three survivors who had suffered with her. That was the start of the Ishnigarrab, and though her body has long healed the physical depredations, C-squared retains the image of her ordeal on her morph as a physical reminder of what she fights against.


Morph: Pleasure Pod
Skills: Academics: Psychology (Affection) 44, Art: Acting 45, Deception 45, Free Fall 25, Infosec 22, Interests: Non-Profit Organizations 50, Interests: Sex Industry 44, Interests: Transhuman Displays of Affection 66, Interfacing 25, Language: Native Arabic 86, Language: English 66, Language: Japanese 55, Medicine: Physical Therapy 45, Networking: Autonomists 22, Networking: Criminals 22, Networking: Media 44, Perception 33, Profession: Therapist 66, Unarmed Combat (Claws) 45
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Clean Metabloism, Cortical Stack, Cosmetic Augmentation (discolored and mismatched skin connected by large stitches, cosmetic skin, discolored eyes and hair), Cyberbrain, Cyberclaws, Enhanced Pheromones, Mnemonic Augmentation, Puppet Sock, Sex Switch
Traits: Allies (Ishnigarrab), Blacklisted (Jovian Republic, Catholic Church), First Impression, Neural Damage (Dyscalculia), Striking Looks (1)

Using Corrupted Chrysanthemum

Perhaps unusual for most NPCs the player characters meet for the first time, C-squared will always greet them warmly, often with a hug and the offer of a cookie (for biomorphs) or a bit of shell polish (for synthmorphs) and otherwise fuss over their comfort. Even if they appear violent, C-squared will surrender and attempt to talk to them (while sending off directions and possibly an alert to local security through the Mesh; she's warm-hearted, not stupid.) As a contact or ally, Corrupted Chrysanthemum is open and honest with the characters, and will rarely ask for anything in return...but she will also not tolerate the PCs making demands of her, under any circumstances. C-squared's effort to promote her message and volunteer organization has not always gone smoothly; the details of her philosophy (and certain allegations she made against key individuals) have made powerful enemies in the Jovian Republic and the Catholic Church, where she is persona non grata, and innumerable local frictions with sex workers, administrators, moralists, and the occasional hygienist, so there are no end of conflicts in which she might feature as antagonist, victim, or employer.

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