Thursday, August 29, 2013

241: Bailey y Goch

ENTRY 241: Bailey y Goch

“They could afford any morph they want. Bailey chooses not to exercise that option until all infolife has the right to be embodied…”
Makken, spokesweasel for Red Freedom Inc.

Talent and skill will take you only so far. To go the extra distance, to succeed from rich to superrich, from the voice of a generation to sole owner of your multimedia empire, requires drive, ruthlessness, and an elevated sense of self above all others. This is what has made dream-producer Bailey y Goch the most beloved artist in his field, though to their tens of thousands of fans they projects the persona of a dreamy idealist, an ascetic artist-magician who aspires to the shared rise in consciousness of transhumanity and the equal rights and freedoms of all, as outlined in their book series Dreaming to Peace, sample chapters free for instant download, further chapters available when donations hit the next level…

Goch is a businessentity and an artist, and ruthless at both. Everything that Goch does, from the dream XP recordings to the charity benefits for Save Welsh! and tradeschool workshops for uplifts on Luna all funnel credits into their coffers, or raise their rep a little more. Goch capitalizes on their pull for outstanding performances and very public massive acts of work and goodwill, with their corporate entity Red Freedom Inc. handling the grunt work, ever growing Goch’s personal fortune. To those few who know him—including uplifted weasel and PR flack Makken Teague—money and art seem to be the only things that really capture Bailey y Goch’s interest.


Morph: Infomorph
Skills: Academics: Psychology (Dreams) 33, Academics: Sociology (Group Dynamics) 42, Art: Lucid Dreaming 89, Deception 37, Impersonation (Persona) 60, Infosec 40, Interests: Dream Business 45, Interests: Fangroups 45, Interests: Self Promotion 46, Interfacing 50, Intimidation (Financial) 50, Language: Native Welsh 90, Language: Cantonese 85, Language: English 85, Language: Irish 85, Persuasion (Negotiation) 66, Perception 50, Profession: Dream Arist 75, Programming 25, Research 19
Disadvantages: Allies (fans), Expert (Art – Lucid Dreaming), Social Stigma (AGI)

Using Bailey y Goch

Artists are valued either for what they have, what they create, or what they well create, and this is the basic key to using Bailey y Goch. As an artist, Goch has released several hundred extremely popular XP of lucid dreaming episodes, along with thousands of pieces of derivative media, and the bulk of their income comes from the sale, distribution, and licensing of those works in whole or in part. As such, Goch sees any threat to their work as a threat against themselves, and may hire or target the PCs accordingly. Both artistic and business rivals may target Goch directly, either hiring the PCs to kidnap/destroy/hobble the infomorph or Red Freedom may hire the PCs to protect Goch’s interests. Finally, there is the possibility that Goch owes their fame and fortune to something besides their art—an early rival Goch ripped off, or a secret network whose resources Goch tapped to first distribute their material, possibly even some key work that Goch is blackmailing a powerful media hypercorp executive with. Any and all such secrets are a good “in” to bring Bailey y Goch into the campaign for a session or two.

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