Wednesday, March 27, 2013

086: First Spawning

ENTRY 086: First Spawning

In the floating bubble-cities of Europa, transhuman aquatic biomorphs prepares for the First Spawning, an organized mass water birth to herald the first generation of transhumans that are born as aquatic biomorphs. Though the parental units represent a diverse range of modified human and human-derived morphs, they are united in their desire to establish a generational presence beneath the ice of Europa—to make a solid biological commitment to stay and make it a transhuman world for their children and their children’s children to inhabit. Expectant parents stroll the promenades and practice their birth exercises, discussing the mostly-untested philosophies of amphibious childcare, looking forward to the big event.

Even as the date of the First Spawning draws close, detractors and critics continue to find flaws with the program. The newborn children growing in their parent’s wombs are, they argue, already obsolete, the genetech that went into their design already months old. None of the Europan habitats are yet self-sufficient, though those holding first spawning events have already begun to plan for how to house, provide, and educate their forthcoming charges.

Using the First Spawning

The First Spawning, whether it is a success or a disaster, will prove to be a pivotal moment in the history of Europan colonization, provided the Europan habitats prove stable in the long term. In game, whether or not you choose to feature the First Spawning directly it can provide a basis for showcasing a key division in Europa, between those who seek to expand by traditional methods (i.e. standard or modified human reproduction) and those who try more novel methods (i.e. mass production of aquatic synthmorphs). The different views of the future espoused by groups promoting one method over the other can provide a good impetus for adventures, especially when contrasted with those Europans whose only concern is for immediate survival in the present.


  • Europans are taking any rumors of disruption or potential security risks of the First Spawning very seriously; in some cases this has led to “temporary” restrictions on personal freedoms and heightened public surveillance. A group of asexual morphs ask the player characters to help them evade the authorities so that they can stage a harmless “artbombing” in protest against the new restrictions.
  • While the First Spawning is the first organized birthing event on Europa, it is far from the first live birth. Individual pregnancies carried to term on Europa have faced a number of difficulties given the environment, morph design, and lack of medical care; some transhumans have been trying repeatedly for live birth for years. With the First Spawning, these transhumans have now received the help and resources they require to successfully conceive and carry a child to term…but the latest medical scans show some of the fetuses have already developed serious defects commensurate with exposure to exsurgent viruses. Foul play is suspected, and the PCs are asked to come in as independent investigators to discover the culprit, before the entire First Spawning is infected…

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