Friday, February 1, 2013

032: Infinite Sleeves

ENTRY 032: Infinite Sleeves

From the craftwerks of Xueneuvo comes a low-difficulty petal to welcome new users into the community. Infinite Sleeves provides a recreational experience designed to ease users into both experiencing and crafting petals. The nanodrug appears as a spiny black-green nanoplant like a thorn-studded sea anemone with a jelly-bag nutrient sack, but in the presence of the gentle electromagnetic field of a compatible morph will open like a rose to reveal its pink and black petals for consumption.
Infinite Sleeves is built off of the Linkstate nanoalgorithm, and interfaces the user’s ability to store and recall memories with the Xueneuvo peer-to-peer petal crafting network, pseudo-randomly sampling the stream of opensource memories and experiences to craft a unique narrative experience; subjectively the user feels as if they are constantly resleeving, experiencing a sequence of new forms and senses for a subjective period of seconds or days that are publicly archived for other petal crafts to use. More experienced users become aware of and able to guide the process, crafting more detailed narratives of reincarnation and rebirth.


Addiction Modifier
Addiction Type
2 hours* (+1 cumulative, max 1 day)
+8* (-1 cumulative, Max -15)

For every petal of Infinite Sleeves experienced beyond the first, the user grows more aware of and deeply drawn into the process of creating the narrative. Periods spent under the influence of this petal encourage the development of skills related to petal crafting, such as Software (Nanofabrication) and Profession: XP Production, and characters receive 2 Rez points that may be spent towards improving such skills for every 100 hours under the influence.


Easter eggs hidden in samples of Infinite Sleeves reward creativity and achievements, some of which are objective, hardwired by the petal crafters; and others which are subjective, gifts given by the Xueneuvo community to particularly generous or creative users. Sample sweets include:
  • Inspiration (subjective): The user’s nanodrug-crafted narrative is so enticing, a crafter encapsulates it in a petal and distributes a sample (1-5 petals) to the user if possible.
  • Muse (objective, Profession: XP Production skill 60+): The high-quality narratives produced by the user swell the Xueneuvo channel’s archives. The user gains +5 Rep with the petal crafter network.
  • Free Sample (subjective, not addicted to petals): The user has attracted the attention of a dealer or petal-addicted admirer who entices the user by sending them one-shot blueprints for a new petal the blueprints contain part of the encrypted source code for the petal and are typically destroyed during the act of creation. Following the blueprint results in a nanoblossom with 1-3 petals (either one from the Eclipse Phase core book or an original variety).
  • Invitation (objective, Programming skill 60+): The character is invited to join the Xueneuvo network as a probationary member (Rep 10), and may access the XP archives, abandoned petal designs, nanofabrication workshops, etc. through the mesh.

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